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Health Points[edit | edit source]

Your total health points. They go up with the Vitality Stat.

Damage[edit | edit source]

Your base weapon damage. Some skills benefit from it. It can go up with stats or weapon damage.

Vitality[edit | edit source]

Vitalty is the stat that increments the total health points by an ammount:


HP: Starting HP + 28 * Vitalty Points

Power[edit | edit source]

Power is the main damage stat. Power increments the damage for some skills.


Increment depends on skill

Speed[edit | edit source]

Speed decreases cooldown for skills. Also the more speed, the faster you will attack. In order to calculate it:

Cooldown Reduction

Cooldown Reduction: 0.87 * Speed Points / ( Speed Points + 80 )

Attack Speed

Attack Speed: Initial Attk Spd - Initial Attk Spd * Cooldown Reduction