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There are currently 2 quest in Kaion Tale. More Quests are in progress.

Naak's Quest[edit | edit source]

You can invoke Naak the ancient dragon by completing the Naak quest. Achieving Naak quest will give the invoker guild a guild point.

  1. Obtain 4 quest key by slaying Demon boss.
  2. Craft a Master Key using 4 quest key using the npc profession.
  3. Go Naak's Altar in Neverwinter and interact with the statue.

If you accept to free Naak from his inprision he will fly to the capital city of the invoker.

Make sure the invoker is in the guild so if Naak is slayed, the guild will get the Guild Points.

Naak invading Drezia

Khael's Quest[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching level 30, you can access Doodler Jungle with a boat.

In Doodler Jungle, head to:

-For Draxian: Its in the jungle, you can see him friendly target.

-For the Naru: its in the jungle, you can see him friendly target.

There is an NPC named 'Khael up here, which we need to talk which.

The items we need are the following, in this practicular order:

-Tier 1 Legendary Mace

-Tier 1 Legendary Spellbook

-Tier 2 Legendary Mace

-Tier 2 Legendary Spellbook

Upon completion, the character weapon, and the hat will be black as a new skin.

Black Skin T1.jpg